How to backup and restore WordPress site using UpdraftPlus

Having backups of your site is extremely important. It is the best defensive measure you can take for your site, if somehow your website gets hacked and you lost all the data, with backup you can make your site live again in just few minutes. Please consider reading our post on WordPress website security.

For this tutorial we are going to use UpdraftPlus plugin, it is one of the best and simple to use WordPress plugin for taking backup and then restoring it. It has many features which will allow you to take automatic backup of wp database, plugins, themes and images.

Install UpdraftPlus

To install UpdraftPlus plugin follow below steps:

  1. login to your WordPress dashboard.
  2. select plugins >> add new from admin menu.
  3. in search box enter “UpdraftPlus” and install it.

Backup WordPress site to local computer

To backup your WordPress site to your local PC follow below steps:

  • Hover on settings tab in admin menu and then click on UpdraftPlus Backup.
  • Now click on button with text “Backup Now“.
  • popup will appear asking you for things you want to incluse in your backup, just tick Include the database in the backup and Include any files in the backup.
  • Now it will take some time to create a backup for your website.
  • To download the files you just backup, click on Existing Backups tab.
  • It will show you the list of backup available, click on each button to download it your PC.

updraftplus backup

  • After downloading all the backup to your PC delete it from your server because it will take approximately 200mb of space.

Backup WordPress site to cloud (Dropbox)

Now we are going to store our backup to remote storage and for this example I’m going to use dropbox. follow below steps:

  • Hover on settings tab in admin menu and then click on UpdraftPlus Backup.
  • Now click on Settings tab.
  • Scroll down to Choose your remote storage and select one of the option (I’m going to choose dropbox)
  • Now scroll down to Include in files backup and tick all the files you want to backup.

  • Finally click on Save Changes button.
  • After clicking on save button scroll up and reach Authenticate with Dropbox option and click on the link.
  • Login to your dropbox account and give UpdraftPlus permission to upload files in your account.

dropbox updraftplus permission

  • After allowing updraftplus to upload file to your dropbox account your will be redirected back to updraftplus dashboard and you should see following message.

updraftplus message

  • Now whenever you will click on “Backup Now” button remember to tick Send this backup to remote storage option.

updraftplus backup popup

Restore a WordPress site from backup

Let’s simulate a situation in which hacker have access your WordPress site and they have deleted all posts, pages, images, theme, plugins and everything. What will you do in this case? Well if you have backup then you can make your site live in just few minutes.

  • To restore website from backup, you should first install UpdraftPlus plugin in your website.
  • Click on Restore button.
  • If your backups are not already listed then click on Upload backup files link and upload the backup.

upload backups

  • After uploading all the backups file, click on restore button, a popup will appear asking you what you want to restore, just tick everything and on restore button.

  • Finally you have restored your website from the backup you created earlier.