Image Optimization Tricks To Speed Up WordPress Site

Images & other multimedia plays crucial role in loading time of a website. High quality bulky images are the largest contributors to Web page size, degrading page speed and agitating visitors eagerly waiting for the web page to load. The following are image optimization best-practices go a long way in reducing negative impact of images on website speed:

Reduce Image Size Without Reducing Quality

Modern websites have multiple large images in slider, they increase loading time because each image is at least more than 1Mb large. There are many online tools and plugins which can reduce image size without altering a single pixel.

Optimizilla (Web Interface)

Best tool available online for reducing image size, all you have to do is upload the image and it automatically optimize it for you, after optimization it also provides you with slider using which you can reduce or increase quality of image and compare side by side. Best thing about this tool is that its absolutely free with no limits.


Imagify WordPress Plugin

If you don’t want to optimize each image manually then just install Imagify plugin from here. After installing the plugin follow below steps:

  • Click on Sign up button, a pop out will appear on your screen, here enter your email address.

Imagify Setup

  • Now check your mail you will receive API key from Imagify server, give that API key to Imagify plugin.

Imagify API Key

  • Finally you have setup Imagify plugin, now go to settings page & click on bulk optimizer button and then Imagif’em all.

Bulk Image Optimization

Lazy Load WordPress Image

Lazy Load is a technique used by websites to delay the loading of actual images for the complete loading of the website. In simple words the images are fetched when the user wants to see them.

Plugin #1 Lazy Load

This is most popular and most easy to use lazy load plugin available. All you have to do is install and activate this plugin and it will automatically start lazy loading all of your images.


Plugin #2 BJ Lazy Load

Unlike above plugin this one give you many configuration options, using which you can customize your lazy loading setup. It offers support for images, thumbnails, iframes (including video embeds from YouTube or other sites), Gravatar images, Text widgets and much more.


To change settings of this plugin, go to SettingsBJ Lazy Load:

BJ Lazy Load Option