Privacy Policy for HowlThemes Instagram Feed WordPress Plugin

About App:

HowlThemes Instagram Feed is a WordPress plugin which enabled WordPress users to show Instagram feed of their profile on their website.

How This Plugins Work?

After installing this plugin, you are asked to give authorization to our app, after giving authorization the app returns Access Token which is then stored on your WordPress site. Then our plugins use that access token to make AJAX request and get your Instagram feed which includes: photos, videos, likes, comment count & caption. Then our plugin show that data inside gallery we designed. In this process no data are being stored on our server. Your WordPress sites stores your access token which you get after authorizing our app.

Summary of our Privacy Policy

When you use our plugin, we don’t store any kind of data. Everything is stored on your own WordPress website.

Instagram data that we collect

We do not store any type of Instagram data on our server when you use our plugin.